Residential Glass Tinting & Graphics

Residential Glass Tinting & Graphics

Is your home plagued by glare or unwanted direct sunlight creating “cold wall” and “hot wall” problems? Do your residential windows create problems for privacy, security or safety? The growing trend for using more and more glass in homes, apartments and condominiums has presented new challenges, including these and other problems. Fortunately, FENIX 360 Auto offers a thorough residential glass tinting and graphics service that improves year-round comfort for all kinds of residences throughout Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, and nearby southern Ontario communities!

Our residential glass tinting and graphics service can improve privacy, energy efficiency and heat and temperature regulation, while offering protection against fading furniture and improved security and protection against shattering. While curtains and blinds make a room feel darker and smaller and increase utility bills due to use of artificial lighting, tinting allows light through while blocking harmful UV and glare and preserving a room’s sense of openness. Our window films offer a clear view from the inside looking out and can be tailored to meet your desired level of privacy for the view from the outside. Window film creates a more comfortable environment through consistent climate control. By using XPEL VISION, a revolutionary architectural glass solution from one of the industry’s premier providers, our experts can make your rooms stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, regardless of where the sun is shining.

Browse our photo gallery to see what we can do for you and contact us to discuss additional graphics options with our representatives. You are also welcome to sample images of all our services including car window tinting, car paint protection film, vehicle wraps, commercial glass tinting and graphics, and residential glass tinting and graphics, and much more! Find out more about our company by reading about our company story or looking at the testimonials from our past clients. Request a quote for free today!

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